Spring is officially here and soon the snow and ice will be gone for another year!

It is officially spring 2023! The lakes and waterways are pretty much open now, the migratory birds are back and are building nests, laying eggs and will soon be leading their hatchlings into the realm of bird life to learn survival skills. Spring is HOPE and RENEWAL and that is our theme at WPSS. As polio survivors we too have learned skills which, like the birds, get us through from day to day!

The 2022 AGM has come and gone! We had another very nice lucheon prepared by the St.Albert Legion kitchen, followed by mingling and socializing. The AGM Booklet was distributed and this led to the AGM business meeting. All reports and financial statements were presented in the booklet and were passed as presented. There was a Q&A with commentary regarding budgets and events. We also accepted the nomination of Sandra Mooney as a director and she was voted in by acclimation. Welcome to the WPSS Board of Directors, Sandra. The meeting was adjourned.

We are having a social on June 2, 2023 as part of Senior’s Week celebrations. Lunch will be served and a guest speaker from the Alzheimer’s society will be talking about Brain Health! Check out Future Events for full details We will be having our annual Picnic in the Park this summer at Emily Murphy Park. Details in Future Events. July 26 and 27 are our assigned dates for the Casino Fund Raiser. Hope to see many of you there, pitching in with your time and effort to help fund our programs for the next two years. Again, check Future Events for details.

Check out the “WHAT’S NEW” and “FUTURE EVENTS” links in the menu above for details and updates about what’s happening in WPSS!



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