Nature is quite amazing, creating art even in the coldest throes of winter.

The calendar has turned once more, and we are embarking on the new year of 2023. Let’s hope that that we can move forward with more normalcy than we have experienced over the last three years. I believe that the covid virus will be with us permanently now, just as the flu virus is. We have learned to live with that bug, and I trust we will learn to live with this one too. If we continue to practice good hygiene and safe distancing, we will be ok!

Let’s move into the new year with hope, with optimism and with gratitude for the blessings we all have been granted in this life. Let’s choose to be happy, let’s choose to enjoy each day to the fullest!

I apologize for not getting an update done before Christmas, but my wife and I indulged ourselves with two weeks in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We had a marvelous time and truly enjoyed our first trip since pre-covid in 2019. We returned to Edmonton on December 8th and then all energy went into the usual pre-Christmas activities and getting the January edition of the newsletter put together. Our holiday season was very quiet as our family is scattered across the country and getting together did not work out this year. Still, it was a very enjoyable and relaxing time. I trust that you were all able to celebrate in your own way and like me, enjoy this special time of the year. I wish you all belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Speaking of the newsletter, you should be seeing it in your mailboxes and in-boxes any day now. You can also see it here by clicking on this newsletter link. Enjoy, and remember that this your newsletter, not mine. Any and all contributions from you, our members, would be greatly appreciated.


Future announcements and notices will appear under the “WHAT’S NEW” heading in the menu bar above. The currently on this page will be gradually removed so when the site opens we will have a clean front page.

January 21, 2023

I have been working on modifying the website again. I have added the page “What’s New” to the menu. This page is what is known as a “BLOG” page. I will be posting updates here as they happen, such as the summary of the B of Ds meeting mentioned below. You can get there by clicking the blue link or by clicking on the “what’s new” menu button below.

In the future new items will be posted on the “What’s New” page exclusively, rather than on our “front” or “Home “page. I will gradually be clearing the written posts I have on the Home page at present. This page will be showing only our banner at the top, the menu, a seasonal image and short comment. All other posts will be on the What’s New page and eventually will be archived and indexed there.

There is an interesting feature to this page which you should take note of. At the bottom of each post you will find a small note which says “Leave a comment”. Clicking on this will open a text box which allows you to type in a comment you may have about the post. I really hope you take advantage of this feature and give us give us some insight into your thoughts and feels on the subject matter brought up in these posts!

Happy Blogging!



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