This site is established for Polio Survivors, family and friends in Alberta to provide direct information that is relevant to our on-going activities.  In Alberta there are two functioning organizations:

Wildrose Polio Support Society for the Northern Alberta,


Southern Alberta Post Polio Support Society for Southern Alberta

The year 2003  marked the 50th Anniversary of the largest outbreak of Poliomyelitis in the Province of Alberta.  It is estimated that approximately 1400 people were affected either by paralytic or non-paralytic Polio in 1953. This was almost half of all the Polio cases that occurred between 1920 and1963.  Many of the survivors are now in their fifties and sixties and experiencing the "return" of Polio in the form of Post Polio Sequelae (or Syndrome).

Southern Alberta Post Polio Support Society

Wildrose Polio Support Society




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